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Sep 24, 2010 7:00pm PDT
. this big complex of storms, anywhere from southern scandinavia down to the central mediterranean is really under the gun for wet weather, potentially severe weather, especially near the alpine parts as well. so stormy here, potentially severe gusts, hail, and lightning also. eastern europe, get ready for it, it is moving your way, but you're dry and fine for now. temperatures look like this on saturday. 22 in warsaw. 23 in kiev. much, much cooler where that rain and wind in paris and london, high only around 16. here is your extended forecast. >>> before we wrap up this newscast, here's an update of the developing story. japan has announced it is going to release a chinese fishing boat captain whose arrest raised tension between the two countries. a plane chartered by the chinese government is on its way to the japanese island where the captain is being held. the plane will arrive at about 1:30 a.m. locale time on saturday. the chinese ambassador to japan is also on his way to the island. >>> the japanese authorities say the 41-year-old skipper, will be free when legal procedures are compl
Sep 9, 2010 7:00pm PDT
to be moving into southern scandinavia next as well by friday morning. 16 degrees in stockholm today, 20 degrees in london, coming in at 27 in madrid, teens, 18 degrees in berlin today. that's what's going on just now. here is your extended forecast. >>> and that wraps up this edition of "newsline." i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. thanks very much for joining us.
Sep 7, 2010 5:00pm PDT
, to the north it will stay fine and dry across scandinavia under this big high pressure system, but we've got several systems in the works across western and central europe today, a couple of showers moving across the british aisles, still some heavy rain to come in london but the bulk of the heavy rain is really going to be impacting southern france and italy today, we've had reports of almost 250 mi millimeters falling in sicily in the last 24ours and various warnings in effect for southern france as well so flooding could be a problem here. 20 degrees in paris today. 21 in london with heavy rain and showers in vienna, 18 degrees for your day heim hitime high. here is your extended forecast now. >>> taking a look at our top story this is hour. >>> the japan coast guard has arrested the captain of a chinese fishing boat on suspicion of attempting to obstruct an inspection in japanese territorial waters. the 41-year-old chinese captain was arrested early on wednesday morning after his trawler collided with a japanese patrol ship off the senkaku islands in the east china sea tuesday. coast gua
Sep 4, 2010 6:30pm EDT
s, is popular in scandinavia. we're not aware of a u.s. open for rabbits yet. speaking of the u.s. open, it's teenager versus veteran on the tennis court, and youth doesn't always win the day. >> mason: the dreams of an up-and-coming american teenager ran into the reality of a former number one at the u.s. open today. the results were what you might call a teachable moment. tony guida was there. >> reporter: meet the precocious young woman who is this year's answer to the perennial question-- what might the future of women's tennis in this country look like? >> beatrice is without a doubt one of our up-and-comers. >> reporter: beatrice is beatrice capra of ellicott city, maryland, 18 years old, amateur, ranked 371st, the sibeeria of tennis. but instead of laboring in the frozen tundra, capra is enjoying the stimulating sunshine of her finest tennis week and at the u.s. open, no less. >> you know, it's just unreal, and i'm so excited i was able to get through today. >> reporter: capra fought her way into the u.s. open by winning a wild card slot. she won her first round match an
Sep 29, 2010 7:00pm EDT
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Sep 4, 2010 6:00pm PDT
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Sep 16, 2010 7:00am EDT
parties in western europe and scandinavia. i believe that we need a mixed economy where entrepreneurs create wealth and the but we use the government to make sure that everybody has at least a minimal standard of living. we are the only nation in the industrialized world today, and health care reform will take a step further, that does not guarantee health care to all people as a right of citizenship. if you go to but germany and scandinavia and ask the kids in those countries, to cost to go to college -- know the answer? it is zero. if you give birth in europe, scandinavia, you get six months or eight months off. much more so than in the u.s. willing in terms of distribution of income, workers' rights, they do much better. what to meet democratic socialism is about is to said that every person in a society is intended to a least a minimal standard of living, and should not be living in a society where so few have so much. and so many have so little. host: the next phone call comes from a little early, texas -- wimberly. caller: of like to suggest that the previous caller what john c-
Sep 8, 2010 7:00pm EDT
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Sep 27, 2010 7:00pm EDT
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Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23 (some duplicates have been removed)